Who We Are

Honolulu 5K is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation with the following objectives:

  • To help provide additional funds for the physical education, fitness, play and athletic programs in our Hawaii schools
  • To increase participation in youth sports and recreation programs
  • To help fight childhood obesity
  • To help our children live a happier, more active and healthy lifestyle

Background Story

Nike 5K for Kids: The ongoing Nike 5K For Kids run in Hawaii came to an end with the closing of NikeTown’s store in Honolulu in 2009.  This event drew over 8,000 runners and walkers which provided approximately $125,000.00 in extra revenue for Hawaii’s public and private schools physical fitness, play and athletic programs.

School Budget Cuts and Furloughs: In 2009, the State of Hawaii eliminated 17 days from the school year for budget cutting reasons. In the 2010-2011 school year, Hawaii has 171,000 public school students with 163 instructional days as compared to 180 in most districts in the US.

Although the school furloughs have ended an event such as a Honolulu 5K will help to provide extra funding for the school’s fitness programs through donations from local businesses and individuals as well as event registrations collected from race participants. 

Formation of Honolulu 5K: In June 2010, Honolulu 5K was formed by Jon Emerson, Arlene Emerson, and Steve Foster with the sole purpose of continuing the 5K For Kids event to help provide additional funds that will enable our schools to purchase needed equipment and/or supplies to be used to enhance or improve their physical fitness, play and athletic programs.